Initial Brief

In order for a proposal to be put forward our designer would visit your residence. This consultation is necessary to ascertain as much information as possible in terms of function and aesthetics.


We will present our initial proposal for your kitchen. We will explain our thoughts behind our design and present our ideas and recommendations. We will also fine tune the design where possible.


Your contract, final drawings and final quote will be issued. At this stage we ask for an initial payment of 30% of the total project. We will discuss a proposed timetable to co-ordinate the project from conception to completion including drawings for your architect, builders and our installation team.


We endeavour to minimise disruption, but having a kitchen installed is a significant project. The installation on site is likely to take between 5 to 7 days, depending on the nature of the project, though the installer may make several return visits to finish the work.

The installer will have a completion note to be signed once any remedial or additional works has been completed.